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Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis

By Priscilla Barbour, MPSA 16

For the first time in fourteen years the state of Texas will experience a transfer of power in the Governor’s office. Senator Wendy Davis is currently the democratic candidate vying for the Office of Governor. If elected, Senator Davis would be the first democratic Governor of Texas since Ann Richards, 20 years ago.  I consider myself to be a moderate voter with very little interest in claiming a particular party. I support candidates based on their principles, and how their policies will directly benefit the greater good. Therefore, I strongly support Senator Davis and I believe that she is willing to implement change that every Texan will gain from.

I had the privilege of spending my summer interning as Assistant to the Dallas/Fort Worth Political Director of Senator Davis’s gubernatorial campaign. During this time I was able to interface with Senator Davis on a consistent basis. In every instance I saw what a genuine, dedicated and progressive leader she is. Her vision for Texas schools and enhancement of our education system resonates with me the most. Senator Davis made her mark as a force within the Texas Legislature in 2011 when she filibustered a bill that would unfortunately lead to $4 Billion dollars of cuts to Texas public schools. She made education advocacy a prominent part of her career and plans to also implement education policies as governor that will take Texas schools to the next level. Senator Davis wants to provide full-day Pre-K for every child to ensure their academic development is cultivated in an environment conducive to their overall growth. Additionally, all students deserve to have access to a quality education that is also affordable. Senator Davis wants to promote higher education by making college more accessible to those who have been limited in the past. Through the implementation of more Early College Public High Schools, students would be able to gain college credit sooner, which will alleviate some of the costs of attending a university.

Senator Davis is ready to do what is best for the citizens of Texas by enacting policy supporting Medicaid expansion. The state of Texas would greatly benefit from this action. It is projected that the implementation of Medicaid Expansion would bring 100 billion dollars to the state, create approximately 300,000 new jobs and provide health care coverage to over one million Texas citizens who are uninsured ( Currently, there are those whose income is above what is acceptable to receive Medicaid benefits, but also individuals do not make enough money to purchase private insurance for themselves and their families. By expanding Medicaid the state of Texas can ensure quality healthcare to more citizens than ever before.

Senator Davis is the gubernatorial candidate equipped to represent all of Texas. She understands the stories of everyday hardworking citizens who need their interests heard and adequately represented in the State Capitol.