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Why I'm Voting for Wendy Davis

By Priscilla Barbour, MPSA 2016
Published on November 2014

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Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis

For the first time in fourteen years the state of Texas will experience a transfer of power in the Governor’s office. Senator Wendy Davis is currently the democratic candidate vying for the Office of Governor. If elected, Senator Davis would be the first democratic Governor of Texas since Ann Richards, 20 years ago. I consider myself to be a moderate `voter with very little interest in claiming a particular party. I support candidates based on their principles, and how their policies will directly benefit the greater good.

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Internship Spotlight: Rainforest Partnership

By Caitlin Harwood, MIA 2013
Published on March 2013

Sunset in Madre de Dios, Peruvian Amazon

Sunset in the Peruvian Amazon

Caitlin Harwood informs us about her unique internship experience at Rainforest Parternship, a small non-profit organization located in Austin, Texas. The nonprofit's mission is to prevent deforestation in the Andean region's section of the Amazon rainforest. Ms. Harwood, who served as a Media and Public Relations Intern, worked with the local community of Austin to build knowledge of the nonprofit's projects taking place in the South American countries of Ecuador and Peru.

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IR Movie Review: License to Invade

By Miguel A. Novoa, MIA 2015
Published on October 26, 2014

License to Invade (Comedy)

Vladimir Putin is President Putin

Proximate to unexpectedly overrun your local cinemas, the only movie guaranteed to make you name (or rename) your first-born child "Vladimir" after the first viewing: License to Invade. Venture into Crimea, a peninsular paradise of hashtags and protests, as Lieutenant, an average easy-going suburban professional bear-tamer, who is on a desperate mission to find the meaning of the dichotomy between guns and butter. Question reality and fiction as you search for the truth in this twenty-first century thriller guaranteed to make you doubt your own rationality and existence.

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Colombia es Más Que Coca, Marijuana, y Café

By Diego Pinzon, MIA
Published on October 2012

Sunset in Cartagena Colombia

Sunset in Cartagena, Colombia

No hace falta el chiste colombiano en cada reunión o fiesta, especialmente después de algunos tragos. ¿Si saben el chiste colombiano? ¿No? Pues el mismo de siempre. El calificativo colombiano de traqueto, mulero, o consumidor. El chiste de la cocaína. El chiste no hizo falta en la fiesta patrocinada por los del segundo año en Bush School. Ya estoy aclimatado al chistecito, pero si me gustaría que la gente supiera algo mas allá del estereotipo.

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In the Bell Jar

By Jenny Russell
Published on September 29, 2014

Calvinball by Jenny Russell
"The only permanent rule in Calvinball is that you can't play it the same way twice."


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What American Education Brings to Me

By Bei Chen, MIA 2013
Published on September 2013

Horses over Wall

"The Day the Wall Came Down"

I am an old second-year student. I was supposed to graduate this May. But I decided to take a year off after finishing my first year and started to work since then. I came back to school recently. I was informed by the director of my program that Bush School has grown a lot. One of my favorite professors even emailed me and said that her class has over 30 students registered this semester, the number was 18 in 2010. I am very proud of my school and such feeling pushes me to write this article about my thoughts of American education.

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