By Anonymous

In this collection of short stories, the mystery narrator (or narrators) tells about different events through a second-person format. The common theme in all stories is that, at the end, you and the narrator plan to meet again at some point. A few of the locations mentioned in the stories include the Policy Sciences Library (PSEL), Layne's Chicken, and Chuy's.

PSEL woes Edit

You were in the PSEL trying to check out a first edition Prussian military operational manual. You left dejected because they wouldn’t let you take it out of reserves overnight. I was wearing a maroon shirt. Lucky for you I already read it. If you want my notes, meet me at Sweet Eugene’s tonight at 9. I’ll be drinking a latte.

Stuff Edit

You were walking out of the Dixie Chicken, and I knew right away you were my kind of girl because you had ordered “Stuff” and were eating it in its paper food basket as you walked. Unfortunately, my mouth was full of food truck tacos and I couldn’t get your number. Wanna meet next Friday at Layne’s Chicken?

Same time, same place Edit

You – Ford F350 driving down George Bush, me – walking my labradoodle. I’d love to take you to Chuy’s sometime if you’re available. Just let me know – same time, same place.