NAME: Jacob Brahce


INTERNSHIP: Diplomatic Security Services Intern


APPLICATION: State Department Application


• Aided investigations into passport and visa fraud. Drafted reports, searched criminal databases, and compiled evidence to aid agents. • Shadowed agents – Accompanied agents on protection details, attended joint task force meetings to coordinate inter-agency cooperation, assisted in field work for investigations. • Administrative duties – Compiled notebooks for criminal investigation procedures, performed task to improve office organization, and assisted the logistics manager to log the distribution of equipment, helped with maintenance of vehicle fleet.​

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Working with Diplomatic Security Services gave me great insight as to how DSS and the State Department grant passport and visa applications and the work they do to make sure those documents maintain their legitimacy by combating fraud. I learned about the investigative process and the tools agents use to build a case, compile supporting evidence, and submit it to US attorneys for prosecution. It is a process that requires a coordinated team effort from agents, investigative assistants, and other agencies.

I also learned about the role DSS plays in providing protection for visiting foreign dignitaries. I was able to accompany agents during the planning and implementation phases of protection details at the Houston International Airport for both the UN Secretary General and the President of the EU. It takes a coordinated effort with many different entities. It is important for DSS agents to be effective liaisons and work with a variety of agencies and companies to accomplish their objectives.

Additionally, I benefited from interactions with many different special agents at various experience levels. I learned about their experiences abroad and gained a better understanding of the different career options available. DSS offers an exciting career opportunity, but requires flexibility and a willingness to travel at any time. Agents usually rotate to a new assignment every two years, with few domestic tours. Those domestic tours are often broken-up with temporary duty assignments and travels to assist the Secretary of State in his or her travels. This constant moving can be hard on personal lives, but also affects DSS’s ability to complete its investigations in a timely manner, since investigations our constantly being interrupted to go serve another assignment. Even so, DSS offers a job that truly has a great variety of experiences and responsibilities.

MORE INFORMATION: More information on the Diplomatic Security Services website at You can also e-mail me ( with any questions.